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World Class Boot Camp

The only Boot Camp created by ex-military to empower you both mentally and physicall. A six-week program geared towards giving you the visable, attainable and sustainable results you want. You'll learn what we mean by stronger together and when you succeed I succeed attitude.

  All Goals Are Equal

Do you want one or all of the following?

      • Flat Belly
     • Perky Butt
     • Toned Arms
     • High Energy
     • Fit Into Those Skinny Jeans
     • Sexy Legs


3 Reasons People Love World's Best Boot Camp

Get More Fit, Firm & Flexible

As you burn up to 800 calories with each and every class, you'll experience countless benefits for your body and mind.

Drastically Improved Confidence

Look better. Feel better. It's that simple. You bring the passion and we'll bring the plan to empower you.

Stronger Together

With like-minded, goal-oriented people like yourself in each class, you just might meet your new best friend.

Here is what our happy clients had to say about
their experience!

 "Today was Bootcamp Graduation, and it was an amazing day. Thanks to these two right here for changing me from the inside out. In six short weeks, I lost 14 pounds, 4.50 inches in my waist, and all self doubt. I have gained willpower; belief that the body I want is achievable; and a better understanding of a good sustainable diet."

"I can't wait to see how much I transform over the next six weeks. If you are looking for something that will push you and change you, I highly recommend giving this bootcamp thing a go!" 

Ashley, Platoon 012

"Everyone that came through the door that day was nervous including me. I made up my mind to make the best out of the camp no matter what. My goal at that point was to meet as many new faces as I could and form friendships. Little did I know that this would become not only my venue back into a healthy lifestyle but forged friendships and a bond that forever changed me."

"When I walked into Wbbc Bartlett CrossFit. I was a little apprehensive. I didn't think the Bootcamp was going to be the venue for my jumpstart back into an exercise program. I have always been active (except for the last year and a half while in school). I was tired and not very motivated but my mental health needed a release.
Cheryl, Troop 011

What You'll Get

  • Choice of 18 live workouts

     • 21 bonus workouts

     • Nutrition advice

     • Supplement advice

     • Better booty

     • Cool peeps

     • Mentally stronger

     • And the whole don't fear your mirror thing

We Guarantee Results!

With all the benefits that our World's Best Boot Camp has to offer you, there's no reason to wait!

To learn more about this incredible Fitness Boot Camp program, just take a minute to provide your contact information through the short form on the side of this page. When you do, we'll send you all the details about how to get signed up today! But hurry! Our World's Best Boot Camp classes are filling up Fast!